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Timepieces - Hamilton
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Click for photo Hamilton - 17j, manual wind,adjusted,#926 [movement], excellent+ Yellow goldfilled screwback case, decorated back , size 18, 55mm [back]another view [view]another view [view], mint Original double sunk enamel Montgomery dial, , subsidiary seconds. Signed by the retailer W.A.Ferguson"s Special.. From 1912 a private label Hamilton 926 with a Montgomery dial. A hefty watch at size 18. A very nice addition to your collection as these private labels are very scarce in this condition.! (Ref rm813)

Click for photo Hamilton - 21j,adjusted 6 positions,manual [movement], excellent+ 10k yelow gold filled Hamilton case, screwback and bezel[back]another view [view], near mint+ Original double sunk dial, subsidiary seconds. From 1950 this Hamilton "992b" is on great overall condition, A very good addition to your railroad collection of this American classic, often considered the quintessential railroad watch .! (Ref rm350)

Click for photo Hamilton - 19j, #982j, manual [movement], excellent+ 14k yellow snap back case. 21mm x 29mm x 39mm.[back]another view [view]another view [view], excellent+ Original dial, subsidiary seconds, .. From the 1950s, an elegant Hamilton "Alison" dress watch in 14k gold.High grade movement and a very collectible watch.! (Ref rm1877)

Click for photo Hamilton - 21j,992b,adjusted, manual[movement], excellent+ 10k yellow gold filled Hamilton screwback case, size 16[back]another view [view]another view [view], near mint Original Montgomery dial, subsidiary seconds. From 1948 a fine example of a Hamilton 992b railroad watch. One of the quintessential railroad watches of the 20th century. Very collectible.! (Ref rm1459)

Click for photo Hamilton - 21j,992b , lever set[movement], excellent+ signed Hamilton 10k yellow gold filled. screwback and bezel[back], mint Enamel single sunk dial, blue steeled hands. From 1947 this Hamilton 992b is in great condition, a must have model for every railroad collection! (Ref rm124)

Click for photo Hamilton - 22j, #770,manual, adjusted [movement], mint 14k yellow gold snap back case, 24mm x24mm x35mm,[back]another view [view]another view [view], mint Original dial. Subsidiary seconds.. Beautiful condition on this Hamilton "Sinclair" in sold 14k gold . High grade movement, very elegant. Highly collectible.! (Ref rm1823)

Click for photo Hamilton - 19j, manual,#982 [movement], excellent+ 14k yellow gold snapback case, 21mm x 27mm x 37mm[back]another view [view]another view [view], excellent Original dial, subsidiary seconds, some patina. Classic Hamilton dress watch in solid gold. The "Brock" is one of the most famous of Hamilton designs and certainly its most timeless.! (Ref rm1250)

Click for photo Hamilton - 21j,992 , lever set[movement], near mint Keystone 10k gold filled decorative case, size 16, screwback and bezel ,initials RJS [back], mint double sunk enamel dial, blue steeled hands, subsidiary seconds,red five minute markers. from 1913 this Hamilton "992" hs been kept in superb condition, RJS knew how to look after his watch. This is a superb example of a railroad watch in a highly decorated Keystone case! (Ref r686)

Click for photo Hamilton - 21j,#992, lever set,adjusted,[movement], excellent+ gold filled screwback and bezel, [back], near mint Enamel Montgomery dial, blue steeled hands,subsidiary seconds,. From 1919 a Hamilton 992 with a mint Montgomery dial, one of the most popular railroad watches and belongs in all collections! (Ref r899)

Click for photo Hamilton - 21 jewels,992b, lever set, manual wind [movement], excellent Signed Hamilton 10k gold filled 3 piece watch case, some brassing on outer back edge[back], near mint+ single sunk Enamel dial, box car numerals, blue steeled hands. Very clean example of the classic 992b, Hamilton's most famous railroad watch, a must for every collection! (Ref r1081)

123 items found , showing 61 to 70
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